Our industrial third party warehousing division stores and handles components and products for the mining, oil, wind power generation and natural gas industries. We are experienced in inventory control, order-taking, order preparation, invoicing, storage, order picking, labeling, packing, transportation and tracing.

At our warehouse, we provide third party storage and distribution of a diverse variety of items ranging from electronic equipment parts to complete engine power modules.

Services include in-house computer and software for processing orders and controlling inventory or customer's direct link computer terminal. Office space for customer's local representative and conference room for your customer presentations. After hours call-outs are provided. Daily freight services are available to all the mines and O.E.M. dealers in the Elk Valley area. 24-hour hot shot services for the Elk Valley and elsewhere in British Columbia and Alberta. We currently distribute product to Alaska, the Yukon, the North West Territories, throughout British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, south to Montana, Idaho & Washington.

A service directly related to the mining industry is our knowledge and ability to inventory, catalogue and sell surplus parts stock, equipment and machinery worldwide, as well as to procure used equipment and attachments.

Warehouse operators are differentiating themselves by offering more value added services. Value added services available:

- Vendor consolidation programs
- Crossdock receiving and shipping
- Electronic communications (EDI and FAX)
- Product packaging, kitting and assembly
- Promotional distribution programs
- Pick and pack order fulfillment
- Customized information access and reporting
- Integrated transportation management

Intermountain is experienced in Warehousing & Distributing parts & equipment for the Mining, Forestry, Oil Industries & Industrial Processing facilities. With lift truck capacities up to 30,000 lbs., we are able to handle parts from electronic components & consumables, to large electric motors, drive transmissions & engine / generator modules, as well as perform modifications & final assembly of vendor's product for delivery to the end user.

Box 1510, 707 Douglas Fir Rd, Sparwood BC, V0B 2G0 - Phone: 250-425-2866 - Fax: 250-425-2816